I have given more than 50 conferences and presentations in different countries and cities. I have given talks to hundreds of families about the safe and proper use of Internet in their children’s life with special emphasis in digital education and digital addiction prevention. Moreover, I have talked about personal branding, blogging, marketing, communication, social media, etc. Also speeches and debates about entrepreneurship (specially social and young ones).

What Else Do you Need?

Media and new technologies: corporate videos, apps, virtual reality (VR), etc. Web design and development, blogs, e-commerce. Online advertising: paid campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google. Training. Being the person in charge of players’ assistance. What else do you need?

Communications Consulting

We help you enhance the most suitable strategies for your brand in order to reach its potential customers/fans/promoters via Internet (blog, social media, e-mail marketing). We help you focus and develop your personal branding plan and your digital identity management. That is a great opportunity for you to shine and stay strong in the yet always competing sports industry.

Content Creation and Management

We would love to help you develop a more profitable management of your online communication and social media networks. We generate or improve content (in different formats) for the online media channels of your brand such as website, blog, social networks, etc. We translate content of you blog, video, brochure, etc. into another language. We produce, coordinate and manage the digital communication strategy.

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