Bio - Lisandro Caravaca

On 30th August 2018 I came to a turning point. I was reading a book when suddenly I made myself a critical question: how do I want to find myself in a few years? I found a quick answer: “I don’t know but, for sure, I would like to be in a different situation as I’m feeling now”. Then, I asked a second one: What can I do to change this feeling? And I answered again…”regain enthusiasm, do what I love and build up a new lifestyle”. Then, I start working on my career change within hours.

       How can I make this change possible? I found what professor and speaker Ken Robinson calls “the element” and I built an action plan: I chose the combination of my passion (tennis) and my talent (communication) in order to achieve a professional goal (help the tennis industry to perform an excellent communication).

Thus, after a few years evaluating and checking the needs of the tennis industry, I set my new plan: providing digital communication services for the sector (tennis clubs, professional players, staff, tournaments, etc.). I’ll do on-site work when necessary but most of it will be remote work. I’ll make it by travelling around the professional tennis tour (ATP, WTA and ITF, mainly) and visiting tennis clubs. From now on I am “the Social Media Manager of Tennis”.

I remember well when I was very young and I start taking responsibilities when my father let me set the time to come back home after going out with my friends. I had to stick with the deal if I wanted to continue receiving that confidence and freedom. We could say that this was my first non-official contract. Later, when I was 14, I began my first job as a tennis coach assistant for all ages. That was such a nice time of my life that continued during 5 years around different clubs in which my role became increasingly important taking part in many activities. Tennis gave me a strong discipline, among other things.

In 2012 I finished my degree at university. Then I studied a six-month postgraduate and I worked as a community manager for 6 months in an agency in Madrid. When I was 23, and after several months of preparation, I founded my own company, Eduskopia, a social innovation business in which we work by training and spreading the knowledge and digital competence that society needs to adapt and take advantage of social and technological environments. In September 2014, when I was 25, I founded Sportsphilia, a company specialized in generating business opportunities for customers in the sports industry by using digital media communication. It lasted just one year due to lack of dedication. From that point in time I detected the opportunities of the sports sector and I always wanted to work with tennis specifically. In March 2015, I embarked on the launch of a startup called tuAppbogado which is the first mobile app in which you can find lawyers in your area. After a few months of hard work, I decided to step aside. I still have a very close friendship with the team. From May 2016 to May 2018, I coordinated the communication and digital process of Instituto PAE, a company that organizes English lessons and Summer Camps all over Spain. In 2018, I start working with two big training projects at Renault (thanks to Zertia) and Fundación ONCE (thanks to Chamber of Commerce in Valladolid). In this period of time, I have received a few acknowledgement and awards. Entrepreneurship gave me self-commitment and a strong engagement, among other things.

When I was 23, I ran my first Marathon in Madrid. One year later, we organized a 100K charity challenge called Ultratorozos. In 2018 we did more or less the same in the opposite direction completing 129K. That was Ultratorozos vol 2. Running gave me self-confidence and determination. In the last four years, I have profit some nice adventures with my motorbike including a few journeys riding 2000km in one week. Motorcycling gave me freedom.

I have studied, and therefore lived, in Cambridge (UK) and Vancouver (Canada). I have travelled to India, Argentina, United Kingdom, France, Denmark, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Croatia and Turkey. I have also worked in Mexico and Colombia and online in Bolivia. I still have many things to do and see. Today, I draw my map, bringing in new experiences and learnings and with the strong convincement that I want to develop my personal brand and my background in order to make it available to those who wish and appreciate it.

My new life project began on 15th October 2018 and we are now preparing next season including many trips to tournaments and tennis clubs in 2019. Such a big dream! See you on the way! Do you want to become part of this?

How hobbies have improved my life? Tennis gave me a strong discipline, Running gave me self-confidence and determination and my motorcycling… gave me freedom.


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