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This is the first time I post something about mental fitness or mental preparation. There’s always a beginning, right? I must admit that I love this topic and now I’m getting back into it after many years.

I believe in the power of mind. I appreciate the benefits that sports –and tennis in particular- provide to life. In my opinion, mental training is as important as any other aspect and specially in peak performance. Despite the relevance, the truth is that I’ve seen that only a few players develop this part, an essential component to become successful. I strongly consider that tennis a metaphor of life.

Today we talk about progress and evolution, about adjusting our mindset.

What is a Growth Mindset?

A Growth Mindset is a concept created by psychologist and professor Carol Dweck (book: Mindset, the New Psychology of Success). Dweck perceives two mindsets: fixed and growth. The difference between them is very clear: people with a growth mindset believe that intelligence can be developed.

It’s a matter of how can we learn to fulfill our potential. It’s self-motivation. It’s open-mindedness. A growth mindset implies to understand that your abilities can grow through hard work. It does transform the meaning of effort and difficulty. In fact, only in a state of discomfort, you can continue growing. It’s an essential tool to achieve either personal and professional goals.

What if we embrace the power of “yet”? Add the wordyetat the end of your sentence: “I can’t do this…”, “it didn’t work…”, “I don’t get it…”, “I’m not good at this…».

5 Keys to Develop a Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset has to do with the willingness to learn, face challenges, be persistent, see the effort as part of the process, create habits and routines goal-oriented, learn from critics, learn from others.

-Embrace challenges: Face challenges and process the error deeply, learning from it and correcting it. 

-Obstacles: Failure is not a setback, it’s an opportunity to grow. Requires persistence. Failures are just stepping of stones, the way to success. Overcome obstacles and adversity. Become more confident.

-Effort: see the effort as part of the process.

-Criticism: learn from criticism.

-Success of Others: find lessons and inspiration in the success of others. Open to collaboration.

Do you know any tennis player with a growth mindset? It’s sure that the «Big 3» is a good example of that. They are the best and still finding out how to improve to become better. Share your thoughts with me, please.

I promise I’ll come back to you with more content related to mental training, mental coaching, mental fitness…

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