Spanish Tennis Player David Vega Launches a Pioneering Fundraising Campaign Based on Blockchain - Lisandro Caravaca

Professional tennis player, David Vega, has just launched a pioneering fundraising campaign based on blockchain. The aim of this project is engaging users to invest in his tennis career by offering them part of his success in the future.

Over the past few years, I belong to the support team of Passion Talent Group, the tennis coaching project led by Toni Colom, David’s coach. I follow all the steps each week, every trip and every tournament. I try to give support in terms of digital communication whenever is necessary.

The professional tennis circuit has the peculiarity that only top 100 players (aprox.) can really “stand on their own two feet”. The others must find their resources and investments until they reach the consolidation (if it happens). This takes years of effort and sacrifice. In order to make this possible, David Vega has signed an agreement with Globatalent and that is why they have launched this campaign that will give him the support to continue climbing to the summit, to the elite.

One step forward: top 100 ATP doubles

David Vega’s new fundraising challenge aims at collecting funds in order to keep on developing his job (best rank #110 ATP doubles) David has recently achieved successful results such as:

In 2018 doubles champion at Challenger Blois, Challenger Marburg, Challenger Biella and Challenger Barcelona.

In 2017, doubles finalist at Challenger Segovia and Challenger Sevilla. Moreover, he has won the Spanish team championship competing with Murcia Club de Tenis in 2018.

Globatalent uses blockchain technology which is an innovative system where everyone can take part by buying at least one DVT (David Vega Tokens), a “digital coin” that gives access to the 18% of David’s “prize money ATP” from January 2021 to December 2030.

This initiative aims at raising between 110,000 and 180,000 dollars. According to the statements made by Toni Colom to Industria del Tenis, “if we reach the minimum target, we carry on with the operation; but if we don’t… we give all the money back to the funders”. David will receive the money if he achieves the objectives. This year, the goal is reaching top 100 doubles. In 2020, the goal is reaching top 80″.

It is not the first time that our “warrior” from the Canary Islands launches a fundraising campaign. He did so by developing a crowdfunding campaing via Patrocínalos, a platform promoted by Marca.

What Is Globatalent?

Globatalent is the first sports crypto exchange where you can trade and support your favourite clubs and sports idols. It is a global marketplace that allows people all over the world to fund and trade in their favourite athletes, clubs and sports idols.

How Can You Join In the Project?

I already have my “David Vega Token”. Join us here. Supporting David is easy. Let me tell you how to do it: 

1º Register

2º Find David’s campaign 

3º Buy tokens.

How many do you want to buy? Each token is equivalent to 20 dollars at this moment.

-Choose the payment method (credit card, Paypal, bitcoin…)

You’ll receive a confirmation of the process in your inbox. Preserve the token and obtain part of David’s benefits or sell your token and Exchange the value if the price is higher.

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