Speaker - Lisandro Caravaca

I have taken part in more than 60 events and conferences in different countries and cities. Hereunder I summarize the main theme and you can also find specific details. Moreover, I invite you to ask me for further information.

I have given talks to hundreds of families about the safe and proper use of Internet in their children’s life with special emphasis in digital education and digital addiction prevention.

Moreover, I have talked about personal branding, blogging, marketing, communication, social media, etc. Also speeches and debates about entrepreneurship (specially social and young ones).

What I Prefer Talking About…

I enjoy telling the story of my projects by providing an emotional and useful message which impacts in others lives.


Contact me!

I love meeting people and receiving proposals so I encourage you to send me an e-mail to hola@lisandrocaravaca.es. You can also find me in the main social networks.


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