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Friday 4th January 2019

Study Reveals 63% of ATP Tennis Players Do Not Have Website

A new study reveals that 63% of ATP (men circuit) tennis players among top 100 singles ranking do not have their own website working. This is the conclusion of the digital presence study brought by the consultant Lisandro Caravaca, specialist in digital communication for the tennis sector (tennis clubs, professional players, staff, tournaments, etc.).

These results have been disclosed at the beginning of the new season, a few days before the celebration of the Australian Open 2019, one of the four major tournaments in the world (Grand Slam) to be held in Melbourne from 14th to 27th January.

Regarding the top 100 ranked players analyzed, 53% of them did not have website, 10% had a domain but this was not available or did not load properly. The remaining 37% did have website. In this first stage, this study does not evaluate the quality of the sites. It must be said that these negative results may increase significantly if we extend our sample to tennis players placed in lower ranking positions.

Why Having a Website Is So Important

In most cases, tennis players appreciate the need of being visible on Internet and the usage of social media networks as a way of communication with their audience (fans, tournaments, media, etc.). Nevertheless, they still do not take into consideration –as expected- the importance of a nice digital presence that shows their identity in a professional and strategic way, their personal brand and what it means to their works teams, clubs, associations, countries, sponsors, etc.

Among other things, this study aims to address a frequent question: “Why do I need a website if I already have a free Facebook fan page?”. The truth is that it is crucial for these players -both personally and professionally- to have a website instead of relying on a few social networks. A customized private site and of their own authorship is mandatory. Pro tennis players must provide a digital space that works as the core element of the marketing strategy. This is a feature that must be considered as their digital home, the main place to visit and find useful information.

According to Lisandro Caravaca, “depending on external companies such as Facebook is not the best option because we do not control failures, updates and, in many situations, content (comments). In fact, in case of penalty, users may lose all the work done for years. Moreover, technical support is much more difficult to handle. Social networks are essential tools not to replace but to complement and build a strong digital marketing strategy in which the choice of the convenient tools must begin by creating a suitable website”.

It is true that Facebook is a universe itself featuring 2 billion users all over the world. However, Google search results provide an even more impressive statistic: more than 3.5 billion searches a day.

Comparisons and differences give rise to an endless debate. In summary, it is important to keep on learning, seek advice and build an appropriate strategy and planning. Through a website we can always manage image, content, goals and it certainly is an ideal tool in order to achieve a successful marketing outcome.

About the Study

 The study has been created considering the top 100 players of the 2018 official ATP ranking. Still to be determined, the analysis might have a quantitative second part related to social media presence. Then, a qualitative third part will be suggested concerning a full digital presence analysis. The publishing dates have not been unveiled. Moreover, the same study will be provided for the WTA Tour (women). Stay tuned for further information!

About the Author

Lisandro Caravaca works as a freelance social media manager, trainer, speaker, translator. He provides digital communication services for the tennis sector (tennis clubs, professional players, staff, tournaments, etc.). He has worked as a tennis coach for 6 years in Spain and England. His professional goal is helping the tennis industry to perform an excellent communication by taking advantage of all the resources and opportunities of Internet.


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