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A few weeks ago I discovered the Tecnifibre «Young Guns on the Road» contest. A competition organised years ago on the ATP Tour. It was an interesting challenge in which tennis players were judged by their results on and off-court as well as their performance on social media. The contenders were encouraged to develop their digital skills and ability to share their lives on social media for four months. This project follows the journey of 4 young players fighting for 50,000 dollars and their future on tour.

In my opinion, this contest contributes to the positioning of Tecnifibre  in the tennis industry by developing an interesting marketing campaign fostering social media engagement. Nicely done!

As everyone knows, each player becomes a mean of communication itself and that is increasingly important. We kindly encourage everyone to receive some social media training. It would be great if we could rely on more brands, clubs and academies, tournaments, players and coaches, etc. Tennis needs to evolve and focus on growth. Tennis industry must address the challenges of driving innovation, technology and social media.

In order to share our thoughts about these topics and find out what works and what it does not… we have created a group on Facebook and LinkedIn called “Tennis Winners Community”. Feel free to share your ideas, news or comments related to this subject and let’s get together to foster the development of the most amazing sport in the world.

2015 Edition

Starting in May 2015, four young players took part in this challenge based on tennis results and social network performances: Jules Marie (France, #239 ATP), Filip Peliwo (Canada, #463 ATP), Hiroki Moriya (Japan, #171 ATP) and Denis Kudla (USA, #138 ATP). Denis Kudla became the winner of the inaugural Tecnifibre Young Guns Contest. Kudla earned $50,000 for his on and off-court efforts.

Kudla said: “This reward is a precious help for the continuation of my career. I will be able to stand on my own two feet and have a full-time coach.» He grew his social fan base by three times.

«The first season of the Young Guns Contest was a success,» explained Geoffroy Bourbon, ATP Vice President Sales & Sponsorship. «The four participants were extremely active in playing the game. Denis had an excellent season. He showed the world the daily life on tour and shared his good results with his community.»

2016 Edition

The following year, four different players came into this competition: Gregoire Barrere (France), Mitchell Krueger (USA), Omar Jasika (Australia) and Daniil Medvedev (Russia). 

In this second edition, each of the young players were assigned a Tecnifibre team mentor – Jeremy Chardy, Denis Kudla, John Millman and Aljaz Bedene – to help them win the competition. Medvedev  won the second edition.

Barrere, at the age of 22, said: “This contest is also an opportunity to become more professional in communicating and getting closer to the people who follow and support me on tour. To work on self-branding is now part of the sport.»

A new study reveals that 63% of ATP (men circuit) tennis players among top 100 singles ranking do not have their own website working. Check it out here.

Young Guns Meet Their Mentors. Watch video here. Find more information about TYG here.

Young Guns Conclusion

Tecnifibre Young Guns Season #2 from MNSTR on Vimeo.



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