Two Weeks Working at the ATP Challenger Tour in Málaga and Alicante - Lisandro Caravaca

Hi winners! In this post I would like to show and explain you what we have done during two weeks working for the organization of two tournaments at the ATP Challenger Tour (professional tennis tour). From 25th to 31st of March I was at the Casino Admiral Trophy in Marbella (Málaga); then, I travelled to the Ferrero Challenger in Villena (Alicante).

I have spent 13 days out of the office, far from home. The numbers are… 2200 km travelled by motorbike, 120 working hours (in 10 days), 61 km on foot (from the courts to the press office), 5 energy drinks, 10 coffees, 20 bananas, about 400 tweets published on Twitter, 50 stories on Instagram, 20 posts on Facebook, 650 messages on WhatsApp, and perhaps I forget something else but, in any case, a countless satisfaction and passion.

My Week in Marbella (Málaga)

My work was part of the communication department led by Elisabeth, Leire and Roberto from the Eop de Beeck agency. Among the main duties I developed:

a) Social Media content related to the activity on-court and the development of the tournament itself.

This week I managed the social media networks of the Challenger de Marbella 2019. This tournament is called “Casino Admiral Trophy” and it is held at Club Tenis Puente Romano. I managed the social media according to the following content strategy or plan:

On Twitter: we commented on the match development itself combining video, photos and text. Furthermore, we also published the daily order of play together with the organization announcements (ticket purchase, activities, court changes, possible delays, rules, etc.) Of course, we also interacted online with the audience (attendants, online followers, sponsors, etc.)

On Facebook: we published around three times a day. Basically, one post was related to news media coverage (morning time) and another one included the summary of the day (evening). 

On Instagram: we published once a day including the best pictures and the summary of the day. Moreover, we used stories to announce the order of play and the highlights.

b) Interviews to the players (as material to be sent to the ATP)

At the end of the matches, we chose a few players in order to interview them such as Gian Marco Moroni (Monday), Raúl Brancaccio (Tuesday), Pablo Andújar (Wednesday and Sunday), Benoît Paire (Thursday). I enjoyed this so much because I love being so close to the players and their teams. I mentioned that in my post about the trip to Montpellier.

Interview to Pablo Andújar

Bonus: I suggested the tournament slogan: “#TennisShines, the venue where tennis shines”

I found the following information: “In 2006, the Tourist Board of Costa del Sol launched an advertising campaign in the context of the International Tourism Fair “Fitur” including the slogan ‘Shine’. This was associated with the sun shining, the brightness of the coast and also the brightness of the people. Within the framework of this motto, different areas were promoted: sun & beach, golf, sailing, city, countryside, culture, congresses, etc. 

And I add and justify: Concerning my proposal, Marbella will also be known and promoted worlwide not only because of golf but also because of tennis. This slogan is a motivational and integrating advertising element, a claim to attract players and tennis fans… a cover letter to exhibit such a high competition level and it would certainly be used by the audience related to the tournament (going from players to institutions of the city and the province of Málaga). Furthermore, the context and conceptualisation refer to the shine of wealth, the elegance of Puente Romano Tennis Club, the “Golden Mile” and also alludes to our main sponsor Casino Admiral.

Lisandro Caravaca and Benoît Paire. Photo: Roberto Martín Gómez

Lisandro Caravaca and Pablo Andújar. Photo: Roberto Martín Gómez

The second edition of the Casino Admiral Trophy ATP Challenger Marbella received an excellent mark by the ATP representatives who came to Marbella that week. This score matches with the media impact: the analysis of the references provides an audience reach of more than 111,200,000 people (Credits: KantarMedia).

My Week in Villena (Alicante)

My work was part of the communication department led by Iñaki and Pablo, two relevant people in the organization of the Ferrero Challenger Open 2019Among the main duties I developed:

a) Social Media content related to the activity on-court

We used the stories of Instagram as the main tool to promote the tournament development focusing on recording videos at the beginning and the end of the matches. We tried to publish content using our best creativity.

On Twitter, we publish content for information purposes, mainly. Moreover, we announced the beginning of important matches, activities, scores, etc. Pablo himself was in charge of the Facebook account.

b) Interviews to the players

Same as in Marbella, I interviewed the players Tommy Robredo, Mario Vilella and Carlos Alcaraz. I only stayed in Villena until Wednesday.

Other activities that I developed during these intense days were: identifying tennis players and giving a hand to contextualize the information published about the development of the games; reviewing the press release; publish the order of play; review content in English and French and also become an interpreter when necessary. 


It makes me very happy to share a few minutes with friends and acquaintances such as Toni Colom (Passion Talent Group), David Vega (doubles player), Javi Fernández (TGA Tennis), Juanma Esparcia (Esparcia Sports), Óscar Burrieza, etc.

I’m very pleased with the experience of these events. I have worked in many other events but not related to tennis and I’m very happy about the outcome and performance. It is clear that this kind of projects require the participation of a comprehensive team of specialists in order to provide a good performance… in this case, the outcome is evident. 

I would like to encourage all the tournament promoters to destinate all the resources available to build a good communications department though I hope you consider professional team members specialised in communications, PR, languages, digital marketing and tennis.

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